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Fast-paced Restaurants.

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All-in-One Temperature Screening with Facial Recognition and Mask Detection Solution


Ready-to-Use & Customizable Solutions

Face Recognition Access Control with Temperature Monitoring

Manage crowd, contact trace with ease

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Comprehensive POINT-OF-SALES Solution for RESTAURANTS

Comprehensive POINT-OF-SALES Solution for RETAIL STORES

Add-on Plugins

Go Mobile, Self-ordering or Both

Transform your business. Simplify your operations and focus on serving your customers.



Integrated Point-of-Sale System for Restaurants, Bars, Bistros and Cafes

Watch how OCARIA® POS helps you streamline daily operations and standardize processes. By eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks, our solution lets improved productivity and operational efficiency become a reality in your business.

Process Automation • Integrated Solution

Less hassle. One user-friendly system.

On-Demand information to manage customers orders

Staff clock-in and out integrated biometric system

Automatically calculate price for weighted items


Know how your business performs, real-time.

Easy access to information across all areas of your business. You monitor your sales and inventory in real-time, enabling you to make quick decisions in day-to-day operations.

Easy Backoffice Management

Instantly update your inventory and menu. Monitor sales & generate reports at any time of the day without interruption to your daily operations.


Inventory Control

Instantly manage your stocks

Easy access to Information across all areas

Safe & secured access

Access sensitive data on the database servers. VPN, Virtual Private Network, allow users to securely access the restaurant/retail network and share data remotely through public networks.

“The OCARIA POS system provides you a complete POS solution to better manage the challenges of operating a F&B establishment and running retail-chain. At Keans Technology, we practice business- IT alignment to deliver an optimized solution for your business.”

– Kenny Tan, Director

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